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Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, #4) - Kristen Ashley HOLY BADASS BIKER BATMAN!! I FUCKING LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!!! Foul language may ensue....

BEST BOOK EVER! Ok so I think I've established I like this book... Tack is one hot as hell, badass biker who is now my fictional love interest. I've had the reader hots for him since he walked into Ride and called Gwen Peaches. And he has only gotten better with each book. I know I say this in like every review for a Kristen Ashley book, but I love him and she writes the BEST male leads! Each book I read, I fall in love, but with Tack, mmm I don't even have the words! Foul mouth, hard ass but he loves his Red with everything he has. AWESOME! His kids were great and I am very excited to read about the other Chaos members. Now for Tyra... I loved her! She was a great female lead and I think she is perfect for Tack. I loved how she tried to be sassy with him and he just overrode it. She took on one tough guy and she won his heart. I loved how she told him he colored her world. I loved how she connected with his kids and did right by Tabby since Naomi was definitely the c-word she tried to call Trya! I really loved when she smacked the jackass around who hit Tabby! I liked how all the previous guys came together in Tack and Trya's time of need, and how all the ladies did too. This was just a really freakin awesome book and when I finished it, I had half a mind to start it over immediately! One of my favorite parts, when Tyra meets 'the boys' at Club, drunk off her ass! “We've hit the hot guy motherlode.” LOL! Loved it! Suffice it to say, Freaking Awesome Book!