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I love to read and I try to write witty and spunky reviews with my partner in crime ~ my other half of the '2' in Co2BL :) If I don't have my kindle or a book in my hands, it's most likely filled with my camera :)
Escaping Me - Elizabeth   Lee This was a sweet story about two young adults who struggled with finding themselves. I really enjoyed it. Cole was a hot and hotheaded guy who liked to show his emotions by using his fists. Whitney was pretty repressed by her wealthy and snobbish father. After catching her boyfriend cheating, she goes to stay with her mom on her farm for the summer. When she meets Cole there is definitely something there. After a few bumbling starts, they strike up a non friendship. It was fun to read this because even though they had their dramas, there was never the point where one ran from the other. Yes, they had a few 'time outs' but they had pretty good communication and worked through each issue as it arose. Very refreshing. I enjoyed Whitney's mom (hilarious!) and her sister (ballbuster!) Her ex was a douche of the highest caliber and I was supremely happy when he got his ass handed to him! Her dad was a lesser douche who turned it around towards the end and I was very relieved for that. The ending was sweet but I was definitely left wanting more. I hear Mallory, the sister, will have her own book coming out soon and we'll get to see more of Cole and Whitney too! I can't wait! :)