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Knight (Unfinished Hero, #1) - Kristen Ashley I have yet to read a Kristen Ashley book I did not like! This one is no exception. I loved it! Yes it was pretty different from the others I've read, but it was still really good! After having read some of the reviews for it here and on Amazon, I feel the need to complain about people for a second. I get that certain themes are not for everyone - me included. Knight is a dominant controlling man. IRL there is no way I'd be cool with how he gets bossy with Anya. But we're not talking about real life. We're talking about a book! If you read the blurb you'll see it say's he's controlling, hell on her website it even says he's an anti hero as in he does bad things for good reasons! That's the whole point of this book. If you don't like that type of hero, don't read it! I also get Ms. Ashley's writing style is a bit different than most but once you get used to it, its normal; not everyone writes the same, and if they did we avid readers would be bored to tears without variety! Jeez.... Anywho... I liked Knight. I thought he was hot and (in the book) I liked how he was with Anya. I liked how he wanted to make her life better and take care of her. That she took awhile to get used to his gift giving and felt the need to earn her keep, so to speak, was great too! Even though its not popular to smoke anymore, I liked that he did! I can't think of another book I've read where someone smoked in it. The erotic part of the story was definitely more than her other books, and I think she should keep that up! I enjoyed this book a lot and can't wait for the next in the series.

**I have since found a pic to express the hotness that is Knight (courtesy of Vishous, even though she may not know I totally stole her pic Lol ;-))**

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(First read 8/15/12)


Just did a reread and I think I love Knight even more the second time around! His bossiness, possessiveness, and his complete and total love and devotion to Anya is just simply beautiful. The first time around I rated this a solid 4 stars. I don't remember why, but I am so bumping it up to 5+ because it is awesome!