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The Loneliest Alpha (The MacKellen Alphas, #1) - T.A. Grey Ok, first I just want to say this will be a quickie review since I am currently out of town and am short on time on this borrowed computer! :D

I found this book through my news feed one day when a friend liked another GR members' review. I checked out said review and it was great and this book promptly started screaming at me! I was in the middle of another book that was going downhill and fast and was in desperate need of a quick pick-me-up. So I quickly got this book and devoured it! I mean, I started it late in the evening and was up till almost 6 am. Then once I was allowed more reading time (my kids can be demanding ;) ) I finished as fast as I could!

I freaking loved this book! This is my first from this author and let me just say, I am going to dive right in to all her other books! I was captivated from page one. The story grabbed all my attention and never let go! Just how I like my books! :) I was so heartbroken for Gavin and was so anxious to learn what happened to him. I was wanting Alicia to fall in love with him and help him heal his emotional wounds so bad and when it happened I was elated! The supporting characters of Gavin's family were great too! I really liked Jo and hope his book will come out soon; I also can't wait to read about Hanna!

When the 'big bad secret' came out, I have to admit I wasn't too shocked. I saw a few signs along the way but I didn't get any strong suspicions til a little bit before the big reveal, which I think Grey did very well on!

The smexin scenes were pretty grade-a smokin hot and just how I like 'em too! ;) This will definitely be an auto read series for me! I really can't wait for more! Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go devour more of her books!! :-)