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I love to read and I try to write witty and spunky reviews with my partner in crime ~ my other half of the '2' in Co2BL :) If I don't have my kindle or a book in my hands, it's most likely filled with my camera :)
Bear Necessities - Dana Marie Bell Please sir, may I have another? This was fabulous! I loved Bunny! :) Such a big strong bear looking out for his she wolf! Tabby is an outcasted wolf who finds her way to Halle and makes it her home. Green haired tattoo artist with spunk and we love her for it! Alex, aka Bunny, is a tall, bald tattooed hunk of man who is in town for his cousin and happens by the shop where Tabby works. Finding your mate is great, until family and friends are threatened, beat up and nearly die, right! While searching for answers to who dunnit, Tabby and Bunny have some pretty awesome sex, meet the family and find their home. It was hot, sweet with some nice bear against bad guy wolf thrown in! This is by far my favorite in the Halle Puma / Shifters series!