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I love to read and I try to write witty and spunky reviews with my partner in crime ~ my other half of the '2' in Co2BL :) If I don't have my kindle or a book in my hands, it's most likely filled with my camera :)
Crash Into Me - K.M. Scott I really hate dnf'ing a book. I especially hate writing negative reviews. But sometime, it just has to happen. This book was just not a good fit for me. That is the nicest possible way for me to explain it and I won't go into too much more detail for fear of running off at the mouth.. erm... keyboard, and I would really hate to be out right rude. Basically the heroine was just stupid. She made more TSTL choices in the first 11% then those dumb bimbos from 80's horror flicks. Awful. The hero had so much potential, and after some discoveries, my interest was definitely piqued, but unfortunately it took too long to pan out, if it even did. I made it to 40% so if they did come to fruition, it was after that. Which in my humble opinion, means it took way too long to get the ball rolling. I just felt like the story was dragging it out and I feel like it has to do with the fact that there are 3 (yes, you read that right, 3!) books planned for this series. Not to mention there's a cliffhanger, which I abhor! And yes, I read the ending just to make sure it didn't somehow magically get better and I needed to go back and stick with it. It didn't. The only reason I'm giving this one star is because it evoked so much emotion, even though it was negative.