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I love to read and I try to write witty and spunky reviews with my partner in crime ~ my other half of the '2' in Co2BL :) If I don't have my kindle or a book in my hands, it's most likely filled with my camera :)
If You Hear Her (Ash Trilogy, #1) - Shiloh Walker This was such a great start to an intense and thrilling trilogy! Shiloh Walker is a favorite author of mine even though I have not read a ton of her books. The ones I have read though were all amazing and I was not disappointed with If You Hear Her! There were so many nail-biting, sitting on the edge of my seat moments that I was definitely intrigued from page one! I loved the writing, the characters were very well written and even though the romance between Ezra, whom I loved!, and Lena happened somewhat quickly, it was done in a way that didn't feel rushed or cheesy or unbelievable. I loved it. My only complaint is that I didn't find out who the bad guy is. I didn't realize til I was more than halfway done that this trilogy will be like one continuous story with each about a different couple and the big reveal in the last book. Not that it takes away any of the greatness, I'm just impatient and nosy and need to know now! :-)