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That moment when you finish a book you actually enjoyed... After having dnf'ed 2 back to back and not finding anything that looks good!

Jake Knight, aka my new book boyfriend, is one hot, bossy man in charge! I swear, he could tie me up to a four post bed anytime! ;) He fell in love with his best friend, proceeded to warn off every man in his employ to stay away from her, and bides his time til he knew she was ready for him. He wooed her like a man should woo!

He made a leisurely perusal of her face. “Am I what?” The words were softly spoken, but Kim’s spine stiffened. There was a threat there somewhere, and she’d never been good at backing down. She licked her lips slowly and then said quite precisely, “Are you well-endowed, Jake?” Her question was worth the look of surprise that flickered across his face. But then the surprise was gone and a very unexpected satisfied smile settled in its place. He took her hand. For a moment, he stroked her fingers gently, and when she didn’t pull away, he moved it toward him and held her palm flat against his groin. Kim gasped. “What do you think?” he asked.

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Not to mention, his 'equipment'...

He flicked it open and then lowered the zipper. His cock sprang free, and he wrapped his fist around it. She couldn't drag her gaze away. He was huge, hopefully fully aroused because if he got any bigger he wouldn't fit. No way. "Bloody hell, Jake. It's a monster."

Holy hell! Ladies, I'm in love with yet another fictional character! Jake is awesome! Here's a few gifs that reminded me of their Scotland weekend getaway... ;)

Kim is a woman who has dealt with some harsh times in her young 24 years. Her mother died when she was ten, she had a strained relationship with her father, and to top it all off, she marries a jackass to beat all jackasses. He physically abuses her and demeans her to the point she starts to believe him. But she gets away and vows never to be any mans doormat again. Working for her bff Jake's security firm aids in her endeavors. The only problem with her... she's completely blind to his feelings, unlike everyone else who works there. This makes for some pretty humorous moments!

“Jake will be here in a minute,” Dave said. “So?” Dave shook his head in exasperation. “Seems as apparently it’s out in the open now, I may as well tell you, along with warning the lot of us off touching you, Jake’s made it perfectly clear that if you come on these nights out, we’re expected to see that you don’t get into any trouble.” “Trouble?” she queried, a frown forming between her eyes. “What sort of trouble?” Dave nodded in the direction of the dark-haired man at the bar. “That sort of trouble.” “I don’t believe this. Who does Jake think he is? My father?” “I doubt that’s quite the role he has in mind,” Dave said wryly. “But you’d better talk to him about that.”

I really enjoyed this story. I am always a sucker for the friends to lovers and here we not only have that, hot sex, but a hero who isn't afraid to admit he wants a wife and kids and the "happily ever after", we also have a heroine who is scared to death of backtracking and becoming a doormat again, but she doesn't run from Jake. Not really anyway. ;) The supporting cast was pretty funny and added great comic relief. This was a book that came to me at the perfect time. I feared I was coming into a bad funk, after having to dnf 2 books (which is a rare thing for me) and not really finding anything that called to me. This is my first from Ms. Croft, and it will not be my last! Her writing was great, the cast was hilarious and the story flowed and I didn't want to put it down! Yay me! :)